Cleaning of Laundry Ducts

When you use tumble dryers and other laundry machines the equipment utilises blasts of hot air, this in turn generates lint, and other debris fibres that build up in the ducts, this happens even if you have a filter in place.

Given that this blockage is due to highly flammable materials, it will generate an additional heat source and disturb the flow of air in the duct system; this will greatly increase the risk of fire. In addition to potential fires, clogged laundry ducts can increase maintenance costs and could even impact on energy bills.

Cyclone Ducting & Extractions Services are pleased to offer our laundry duct cleaning services for businesses to ensure these ducts promote proper air flow and reduce the fire risks for a safe and healthy work environment.

Our trained team of duct Technicians have many years of experience cleaning laundry ducts. We hold the necessary training and expertise to complete our services; we are used to working in confirmed spaces, cramped and awkward working conditions.
We visit to complete an on-site survey to enable us to offer an estimate of how much the service may cost.

We will evaluate the current state of your laundry ducts and advise on a bespoke programme to ensure you remain in full compliance with both fire services in the UK and insurance companies, who have recognised the current fire risks associated with laundry ducts.

Insurance companies have recommended having these ducts cleaned and inspected on a regular basis to significantly reduce the risk of fire. Upon completion of our service, we provide a certificate which you can provide for your insurance company offering the appropriate proof of service.

We always operate outside of your trading hours to cause minimum amount of down time for you and your customers.
We Tailor Our Services to your needs.

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