Canopy & Ductwork Cleaning

Performed to TR19 & HTM 03-1 Standards

Grease Extraction Services

An essential for any facility such as Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels & Commercial Kitchens to be TR19 Compliant

Air Handling Units

An necessity for any public or business building including residential and hospitals

Cleaning of Laundry Ducts

Essential services for businesses to ensure these ducts promote proper air flow and reduce the risk of fire.

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Legal Requirements

The duty to comply with the Health & Safety Regulations relating to maintenance and regular cleaning for ventilation systems has been in force since January 1st 1996. Now, TR19 and BS EN 15780 have set new standards. Does your work environment require the services of cyclone ducting and extraction services? 

How compliant are you, are you covered on your fire & risk insurances?

Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 (as amended in 1999). There is a legal requirement to undertake a formal fire safety risk assessment and for building Managers to implement controls where a hazard is identified.

Extraction Ventilation & systems are a high-risk installation in terms of fire safety, the risk assessment should ensure that adequate access according to TR19 (B &ES internal cleanliness of ventilation systems) are installed & documented. Regular PPM is in place to monitor system conditions and regular cleaning.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 introduced major changes to Fire Safety regulations. Fire Authorities are no longer responsible for issuing fire certificates. Companies, as well as individuals, are responsible for their own compliance with the legislation. Identified failure to comply with the legal requirements to prepare Fire Risk Assessments to protect building occupants from the danger of fire will result in prosecution of the company or organisation and its responsible person(s).

Under the provisions of the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all parties. This includes staff and customers. An absence of adequate control renders the business operator liable to criminal action. The absence of an effective system for maintaining ventilation extraction systems could lead to fire and subsequent injury or death of either building occupants or of third parties. Any such event would be likely to result in legal action under the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974.

In 2011 a pan European standard BS EN 15780:2011 – Ventilation for buildings – ductwork – cleanliness of ventilation systems was published. All B&ES published specifications or guidance must comply with BSI standards and thus TR/19 was updated to reflect the benchmarks and testing protocols as contained in BS EN 15780.

 This report endeavors to identify the main differences between the earlier version of TR/19 and the recent updated 2013 edition published in late 2014 so that those who specify or se the guidance can clearly understand the changes which may affect their expectations on ventilation hygiene issues or managing of cleaning projects.

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Your building insurance may be void if you do not undertake ventilation and fire damper drop testing. It’s a legal requirement!