Deep Clean Services


Our kitchen deep cleaning services can provide you with total peace of mind!

Your local council have the authority to close you down immediately if your hygiene is not up to standard. Any premises serving food which score a zero in star rating on the Scores on the doors website can expect to face further action and enforcement under food hygiene laws.

Cyclone Ducting & Extraction services provide a specialist kitchen cleaning service to help your company maintain these standards that are required.


Food legislation requires that all parts of your food business must be kept clean, and in particular, surfaces, structures and utensils which may come into contact with food must be well maintained, easy to clean and where necessary disinfect.


 Even if a surface looks clean it can still have bacteria on it, so to make this area safe it also has to be disinfected.


Cyclone services use steam equipment and an ultra sanitiser, which is able to combine the qualities of a detergent and a disinfectant. Disinfection is the reduction of bacteria to a safe level. Common disinfection methods are by using hot water (82°C+), steam or a non-tainting food grade disinfectant.