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Kitchen extract ductwork accumulates fat, oil and grease deposits in even the most spotless kitchen; and these constitute a fire risk which you must control as a legal duty.  If you have a kitchen, cooking or catering facility on the premises, you will need to schedule for cleaning your kitchen extract ductwork in compliance with TR/19, the leading guidance document for ductwork cleaning.  Again, not complying with TR/19 could be construed legally as negligence, as Fire Safety Kitchen Extract Cleaning is an essential part of fire prevention.

How often you need to clean your system will depend on how many hours your kitchen is in operation.   We can help you to work out the most cost effective cleaning schedule and carry out the work out of trading hours to ensure that you are compliant.

It has been established that in hospitals and medical care facilities that humidity and high temperature levels allied with accumulations of dust and debris, typically found in un cleaned ductwork, provides ideal conditions for the growth and spread of infectious micro-organisms such as MRSA. Other infections such as influenza and the common cold will spread throughout building if systems are not maintained and cleaned. To ensure that conditions for building occupants are comfortable and safe, it is the duty of the premises owner or facilities manager to ensure this is undertaken and suitable records are maintained to support compliance.

Cyclone Ducting & Extraction Services can offer experienced ventilation duct cleaning services to ensure the air systems are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised and to include all diffusers. The ducts will be cleaned from the grilles through to the discharge and to include motors and fan blades.

Cyclone Ducting & Extraction Services are a member of the B&ES we are regularly audited by B M Trada to ensure all of our records and systems are in line with recommended standards. On completion of the work we provide a detailed post clean worksheet/report together with a certification confirming the work has been undertaken as standard. We offer a photographic portfolio if required.

BSEN15780 identifies 3 ventilation system tiers, high, medium and low, each with different cleanliness criteria. Cyclone Ducting & Extraction Svs will assist those responsible to define the most appropriate quality tiers for the systems being maintained. Cyclone Technicians are B&ES “Guide to Good Practice” Accredited this guide known as TR19 recommends three testing methods which establish an objective procedure for the measurement of accumulated deposits within the ductwork.

Cyclone Ducting & extraction Services advise clients such as hospitals, nursing homes and private care facilities on the correct type of service and have held good working relationships. We provide reliable and efficient services to meet the demands of every individual client. All services are conducted out of trading hours to caused minimum amount of disruption.

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